Whale watcher download

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Since whalewatcher is free, i'd appreciate if you can support me in various ways as mentioned down here:

Create a coinbase account
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Any direct contributions are welcome:
Bitcoin: 34SwzqdyMciv3u8NybNLUdkrrHg1pt6hDU
Ethereum / ETC or any ERC20 tokebs: 0x8d020f02a58267d64353e32700314b54e13af882

Open SSL libraries are required.

Download OpenSSL 1.1.0k
Download OpenSSL 1.1.1d light (should work for most people)

Download Bitcoin order tracker
Download Ethereum order tracker

Alternative soundeffects

Mario like sound effects
Original sound effects from bitcoin whale tracker
Original sound effects from ethereum whale tracker
Just download, overwrite the old files and you should be set to go. feel free to create your own files if you'd like
or create your own set, if you create something nice, i might add them here :)

Allways see the sentiment and the last traded price.

Note!, Some browsers might report this as a suspicious file.

This program was written in the legendary programming language Delphi, and often gets mistaken for being potential unwanted file.

Waverider and Wavedancer WaveTrend / cipher indicator scripts on tradingview

For access please create a new account on the following tradingplatform, preferably bybit and then Contact me for access with your tradingview username.

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bitkub referanse (Thai exchange)

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Contact ?

Find me on Discord username : Sitan#6121
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